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Experience the forest of Sweden with a guide..

Is that one of the things from your bucketlist..?


Hiking through the forest, without paths to walk over. Just walk and see what happens…

Notice tracks from the animals, see other stuff from the animals, who live there. Hear those animals and just be quiet…


Or just walk, enjoy and learn how to walk with compass, so that you’ll never get lost…

And more important…. Leave no trail….


The guide will tell you, how to behave, what to do, how to make a shelter, how to make a (safe) fire, which mushrooms you can eat and a whole lot more…


You can walk with us for one or for more days… Just contact and join us!



Snowshoe hiking with a guide


Experience the “ deafmaking”  silence  during our trips in a world filled with lots of snow…

Ask for the different oppertunities.


We have 3 different kind of routes…

From easy to a bit more heavy….




























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Hiking with a guide