Stayover in the forest


Stayover in the forest (in combination with basic bushcraft)

Packed with our backpacks we leave for an easy hike of approximately 4,5 km towards our bushcraft / overnight location. We walk through a nice piece of varied terrain.

When we arrive on location, we will first prepare our accommodations.

Following this we start with the bushcraft basics.

If all goes well, we can make our own campfire and beautiful stories will emerge.

The next day we break camp again after breakfast, and walk back to the base, packed and unpacked.

The overnight stay combined with bushcraft always takes place from Thursday to Friday.

Departure time to location approximately 15:00 Arrival time in the morning approximately 09:00

To take care of yourself:



Sleeping pad

Sleeping bag

Tent/sleeping pad/sleeping bag can also be rented from us.

Food/drinks included :

Afternoon : coffee/tea

In the evening : outdoor meal and drinks

In the morning : breakfast, coffee/tea